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The bigger picture!

Solidagro is an active member of several networks. This is because we strongly believe in the common thread that runs through these networks. Together we are getting one step closer to food security for everyone!

11.11.11 - The umbrella structure of the Flemish North-South Movement is a joint political initiative for the development of the South and raising public awareness for fairer North-South relations.

The ngo-federation of Flemish NGOs represents the common interests of its members to different governments. In addition, it supports its members in their organisational challenges and in their strive for quality.

The Voedsel Anders-movement aims for fair and sustainable food and agricultural systems, responsibly managing soils, landscape, plants, animals and water. We want fair, cost-covering prices for the farmer in all parts of the world and enough wholesome food for everyone. That means working on both food sovereignty and food security.

The members of the Coalition Against Hunger all share the same principles and the common desire to support sustainable family farming, to strengthen local overarching farmers' organisations, to strengthen the consistency of Belgian policy that can influence the development of agriculture in the South, and to engage Belgian actors in a debate on support for sustainable family farming in the South. This should be done based on the visions and approaches of farmers' organisations themselves that promote food sovereignty.


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