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Solidagro and Philippine partners promote agroecology through fair

Solidagro and Philippine partners promote agroecology through fair

December 11, 2019 by Solidagro vzw

To raise public awareness and understanding of agroecology, Solidagro and its Philippine partners held an agroecology fair last December 1. The event also sought to amplify the calls to support local producers, protect the ecosystems, and attain sustainable food systems.

Participants of the said event included Solidagro and Viva Salud partners, various groups and individuals advocating food security and agroecology, farmers’ groups, and other organizations belonging to the progressive social movements in the Philippines.


The fair provided a platform for small farmers and artisans to showcase their products that are organic,  eco-friendly, and toxic free at a fair price. It also became a venue for knowledge sharing between  producers and consumers as well as among producers themselves. Talks were held to raise awareness on agroecology, share knowledge on health, nutrition, and bio-waste management.


The concept of agroecology is relatively new in the Philippines, but to some extent, many small farmers and indigenous peoples have long been practicing agroecology in their own ways and means. The peasant movement in the country has also incorporated agroecology in its campaigns for food sovereignty.


In the Philippines, conventional agricultural practices have been among the major causes of ecological crisis not to mention the widening inequality as majority of farmers here remain landless and poor. Hence, with the growing threat of climate crisis, progressive groups are calling for a shift on farming policies and practices to embrace agroecology and promote food security.

Written by Solidagro The Phillipines

Photo's: Mr. Lito Ocampo and Solidagro The Phillipines