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Learning farm in the Philippines provides its own electricity

Learning farm in the Philippines provides its own electricity

November 17, 2022 by Solidagro

Lacnog farm

Capacity building of local farmers is Solidagro's 'core business'. Besides upgrading the water pump in Dilag (read more here), our local partner CDPC also installed solar panels on the agro-ecological learning farm in Lacnog, southeast of Tabuk. Honnold Foundation funded the panels, Solidagro, through CDPC, provides the organic fertilisers, training and general operation of the farm.

At the training centre, conferences and training sessions continue for CDPC members and their partners. In addition, students there grow traditional rice varieties, produce organic fertiliser and develop agro-ecological techniques to grow rice. The farm is diversified according to the agro-ecological principle with a rice field, fruit trees, vegetables and farm animals (rabbits and ducks). There will soon also be a fish pond.

The solar energy powers the farm and, like the water pump in Dilag, is a cheap and sustainable way to be self-sufficient. The electric rice mill also runs entirely on solar energy. CDPC reports that the learning and working environment of the agro-ecological farm in general has improved since the installation of the solar panels.

As a renewable energy source, solar energy plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thus mitigating climate change. In addition, communities that store their own solar energy are no longer dependent on large dams for their electricity. The construction of those dams has required and still requires entire villages to move, resulting in many protests.

Our projects with CDPC are carried out in partnership with the Province of East Flanders