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How agro-ecological agriculture can save the climate

Our food production at risk due to climate change

Climate change has an impact on everyone. Also (and currently mainly) on peasants in the South. This is mainly noticeable in their declining food production. Less but more intensive rainfall, unpredictable seasons, too long droughts, etc. create major challenges. It is difficult to estimate when to sow, the chance of failures increases, vegetation can not adapt to the change in the climate and disappears, ... That is why Solidagro in the South is committed to strengthen farmers and farmers' organizations in a way they can better arm themselves against these changes.

Community working together on diging an irrigation canal. In the background the influences of climate change are cleary visible: more rainfall in the short period causes land erosion. (Photo: Bolivia, jan. 2018, Niels Coppes)

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Agro-ecological farming can make the difference

An agro-ecological agriculture aims for an agriculture with a positive impact. It focuses on increasing biodiversity and soil fertility in order to prevent land erosion and to obtain a soil that can better retain water and nutrients. Chemical fertilizers are out of the question. Crops are better protected against pests and changing weather conditions. Economic and social sustainability are also key concepts in agroecology. We ask for a fair price for each producer and compensation measures for citizens who are the weakest. To reduce CO2 emissions, we are pushing local products forward. Setting up a short chain and connecting farmers directly with consumers reduces the transport of food, which also immediately brings a cost reduction for the consumer.

Agro-ecology stands for optimal production and embraces a sustainable economy embedded in a feasible and sustainable social model with positive effects on the environment.

From the perspective of global food security (especially for the rural population), Solidagro opts for supporting agro-ecological agricultural initiatives in farmers' hands.

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