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Think globally, act locally!

Based on our experiences in the South, Solidagro wants to contribute to greater international solidarity in the region of Flanders.

Solidagro focuses on sustainable trajectories for secondary schools, international exchanges for young people, collaboration with colleges of higher education, coaching volunteers and supporting networks active in sustainable agriculture.


Solidagro can count on a solid group of volunteers who support the organization from the bottom up and thus stand up for a more sustainable agricultural policy both in the regions where Solidagro is active and in Flanders. Are you looking for a meaningful way to spend your spare time? Then you will find what you are looking for here!


Foto genomen op begeleidersweekend SE18 in België (2017) - Dwagulu Dekkente

Action at school

Solidagro's head office is located in Sint-Niklaas, the main educational city of the region called Waasland with its 13 secondary schools. For us, that was a good reason to start sustainability projects in these schools to tackle the causes of climate change. In our collaboration with these various schools, we start from questions that arise organically within the classroom. Our focus is always on climate change or mono cropping, but the exact details are determined by the school itself. We don't just work with the third-grade students, but also with their teachers, any sustainability groups consisting of students and/or teachers, the boards that make decisions at the policy level, parents, neighbourhood committees, the broader civil society, local initiatives, and the municipal administration. Does your school feel like customized guidance from our educational staff? Contact evita.dhaenens@solidagro.be.


Foto genomen in Burkina Faso (2017) - BF17 - Dwagulu Dekkente

Dwagulu Dekkente

To promote international solidarity, Solidagro works together with the volunteer organization Dwagulu Dekkente. We organise immersion programmes in West Africa with young people from the third grade of secondary education, in which intercultural learning and the importance of sustainable agriculture for our future are the main points. You can find more information about the entire project on the website of Dwagulu Dekkente. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Dwagulu Dekkente, please send an e-mail to jeroen.boshart@solidagro.be.

Partnership with colleges

In het partnerschap met de Odisee Hogeschool campus Waas organiseren Solidagro en Dwagulu Dekkente samen uitwisselingen naar de Filipijnen voor studenten. Docenten van Odisee wisselen met de lokale partnerorganisatie CDPC uit over de concrete toepassing van agro-ecologie. Wens je hier meer over te weten, neem dan contact op met .

In the partnership with Odisee College, Solidagro and Dwagulu Dekkente jointly organize exchange programmes for Belgian students in the Philippines. Odisee teachers share ideas with our local partner organization CDPC about the concrete application of agroecology.  If you would like to know more about this, please contact jeroen.boshart@solidagro.be.


Foto genomen tijdens onze internationale week rond agro-ecologie (2017)

Together we are stronger

In Belgium, Solidagro focuses on strengthening the agroecological movement: we promote agroecology as the preferable model for sustainable agriculture and society. That is why Solidagro is a member of the network Voedsel Anders (Food Different), which connects existing initiatives on agroecology and works on influencing Flemish and national government policy. Together with national and international networks, we organize events where producers, distributors and consumers can exchange their knowledge and experiences.

Solidagro combines its efforts with NGOs Viva Salud en KIYO


Foto genomen tijdens onze internationale week rond agro-ecologie (2017)


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