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Without access to land for agriculture, the right to food is not guaranteed in Palestine. As of 2022 we support farmers and soon-to-be farmers through a national forum and research center.

Our mission

A new country and a new context. As of 2022, Solidagro supports agroecology in Palestine. The challenge is great, because for smaller Palestinian farmers access to water, soil, seeds or markets - basic conditions for an agroecological food system - is limited. Together with local Palestinian partners and pioneers, we are building an alternative.

Our mission is closely related to that of our permanent Belgian partner Viva Salud, who has been working in Palestine for years on the right to health, particularly aimed at young people. These same young people see the need for a strong agricultural sector to get ahead economically and we want to support them in this. Solidagro and Viva Salud also reinforce each other thematically, for example in the fight against pesticides that are harmful to both the environment and health.

Our projects

A total of 350 farmers will be involved in the programme. Through training farms for students and communities, we teach agro-ecological techniques and create meeting places for farmers and young people. We support them organizationally through the Palestine Agroecological Forum (PAF). Cooperatives are set up and agreements are made with local governments for the sale of products on local markets.

The young people become important advocates for agroecology, both in their own communities, where they initiate agroecological initiatives, and for policy advocacy for agroecology, the right to food and food sovereignty. Our local partner BISAN conducts research to scientifically substantiate this policy influencing.

Local partners for the 2022-2026 program

BISAN is a research center that also carries out programs on themes such as the right to health and food sovereignty, with a special focus on women and young people.

PAF - Palestine Agroecological Forum is a volunteer organization of farmers and sympathizers who practice and promote agroecology.


For more info on our work in Palestine, please contact Dennis Genesse, our policy worker and responable for the Palestine program. Phone: +3233614388 during office hours. 

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