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Make a donation

A charitable donation

With an annual donation, you can help farmer families get ahead in life. You can transfer your gift to our account number BE19 0012 1876 7412 or by using the donation button below. Starting from 40 euros on an annual basis, you can receive a tax certificate and a tax benefit of about 45%.

You can also split up your donation with a standing order. By making a monthly donation of five euros, this adds up to 60 euros yearly. In return, you will get 27 euros back from the tax authorities. This donation will, therefore, cost you only 2.75 euros per month.



Support through your company or organisation?

Would you like to structurally support our operations and projects through your company or organization? That is possible. We are always looking for funding for concrete projects in partner countries in the South. In order to realise these projects, we are looking for long-term partners who want to enter into a relationship with us.

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