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What we do?

Overzicht landen waar Solidagro actief is.

Solidagro focuses on strengthening the agro-ecological movement: we promote agroecology as a model for sustainable agriculture and societies.

Our activities

Solidagro strives for the right to food for everyone. We make constant efforts to improve food security for farmers in remote rural areas in the South.

Of the 870 million people suffering from hunger, two-thirds are farmers. These farmers are often the most vulnerable members of society. Because of the demand for land to be used for the large-scale cultivation of export crops, they often have to live and work on the least fertile soils. They have little or no access to markets, capital, or seeds, or are extremely dependent on powerful middlemen.


Picture taken by Coen in Bolivia (2013)

Our projects in the South

Together with the farmers in our working regions and our local partners, we work on concrete solutions through:

  • Initiatives to construct vegetable gardens, water wells, irrigation systems, or also to create seed banks and to introduce carefully selected crops.
  • Stimulating the creation of farmers' organisations, with strong leaders. To work together on food security and to achieve political change.

  • Encouraging local farmers to create cooperatives for them to purchase materials collectively (e.g. seeds, fertilisers, machines, etc.) or to sell their harvested crops at a better price.

  • Offering training in sustainable fertilisation techniques, vegetable growing, healthy food, and how to run a business, such as a cooperative rice mill.


Picture taken by Mieke in the Eoster - A harvest garden with organic vegetables! (Pellenberg - 2017)

Our projects in Belgium

We want to use our experiences in the South to contribute to greater North-South solidarity within our own country. That is why we organise youth exchanges in collaboration with Dwagulu Dekkente, and offer training sessions on a wide range of topics. Additionally, we organise and facilitate long-term school projects about sustainable agriculture. Moreover, we work with volunteers and support social networks of agroecologically-minded people. These and many more are just a few of our activities in Belgium.


Our philosophy

Solidagro operates from the base. We are able to ensure the sustainability of our projects because we make sure that all our projects are supported by the local farmers themselves. In other words, local farmers manage their activities and investments themselves. To improve the sustainability and efficiency of our projects, we also see to it that our partners in each of their respective countries come together locally and also visit each other's projects abroad. Through this exchange of ideas and these networking opportunities, they continually learn from each other and gain new ideas. Additionally, we operate on a local level and work with volunteers and schools in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium .


Photograph taken by Lotte and Michiel in the Cordillera (Philippines - 2015)

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