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News from the Philippines

With joint forces

A land where landowners are at play and most peasant families have no land, nor the right to speak. A land of bitter contrasts between rich and poor, but also a country with a long tradition of popular movements. Sharp analyses and political action combined with concrete projects that improve the living conditions of the farmers, that's what our partners and we are all about.

No less than 100 million inhabitants, a third of whom live from agriculture, live on this group of islands in South-East Asia. Agriculture is still dominated by feudal forms of land ownership but also by the activities of multinational agribusinesses. The results are great poverty in rural areas and migration to slums in the big cities. But the country has a long tradition of resistance with countless grassroots organizations and NGOs. The government responds to these actions with outright repression, with the support of paramilitary groups.

We see the small and big picture

Solidagro supports organizations that stand up for a righteous allocation of land and the application of a democratic system in various areas. At the local level, we encourage farmers to better organize themselves to form a counterforce against exploitation and oppression, and to demand support from local governments. At the same time, we assist them in improving their agricultural production, while paying close attention to its ecological impact. After all, without thorough land reform, support for ecological agriculture and radical climate policy, local projects remain surrounded by many threats such as intensive mining. The right to food is unfortunately not guaranteed.



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