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The Philippines is a country where the landlords are in charge and most farming families don’t have any land, neither do they have a right to speak. The Philippines is the country with distressing contradictions between poor and rich. But it is also a country with a long tradition of popular movements. Sharp analysis and political action combined with concrete projects aiming at improving living conditions, that’s the main job of Solidagro and it is the main priority of the population.

This group of islands in South East Asia has 100 million inhabitants, and of those one third lives from agriculture. This agriculture is still dominated by feudal forms of land tenure but also activities of multinational agribusiness companies. With the great poverty in the countryside, and migration to slums in the big cities as a result. But the country counts numerous grassroots organisations and NGOs with a long tradition of resistance. The authorities answered these actions with straightforward repression, with the support of paramilitary groups.

We see it big and small

Solidagro supports organisations who stand up for equity in land distribution and apply a democratic system in several sectors. At the local level we encourage farmers to organise themselves and form an opposition force against exploitation and repression, we also try to enforce support from the local authorities. Simultaneously we support them in the improvements of their agricultural production, taking care of the ecological impact. Without a profound land reform, support of ecological agriculture and a radical climate policy, local projects remain surrounded by threats such as an intensive mining sector and the right to food is not guaranteed.

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