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Get to know our climate heroes and become one yourself!

Every day we see farmers and ranchers in our partner countries struggle with climate change. We support where we can, but big, structural changes are needed. And that's where you can help us.

On the 6th of November, the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (shortly COP 27) will start in Egypt. On this conference important decisions that will change our future have to be made. With a petition we want to get sustainable agriculture as a solution for climate change higher on the agenda. Signing this petition is not the only thing you can do: help us and our local farmers with one of the following actions: 

1. Reduce your CO2 emission with one of these tips and let us know how you contributed through email or our Facebook group "Klimaathelden 2022" (Dutch for Climate Heroes 2022).

2. Sign the petition to get agro-ecology higher on the agenda at the Climate Change Conference in November.

3. Join us on the climate march on the 23th of October in Brussels. 

4.  Register as a ‘field brigadier’ at the ‘Landbouwbrigades’, go work on the field and help out the Flemish farmers. The ‘Landbouwbrigades’ is an initiative by Wervel, FIAN and Solidagro to bring farmers and an citizens closer together.   

5. Show you support for Solidagro’s work and many small farming communities by making a donation.

Yes, I want to make a difference!

Our climate heroes

Up until the Climate Change Conference (6 to 18 November), we will introduce four strong characters from Belgium, Senegal, Palestine and the Philippines, who fight climate change every day by means of sustainable agriculture. We call them our climate heroes.

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