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Support through will


By a large part the last will is subject to legal considerations, but one can freely decide on a part of the inheritance. If you give a place to Solidagro in your will, you can support our plans and in doing so you will contribute to alleviate hunger and thirst from the world. Moreover it will give you advantageous succession rates.

More information?

With a double legacy you ensure that your inheritants don’t pay any succession tariffs, because Solidagro is an association who will do this for you. Because Solidagro as a charity, pays less succession rights (from 7% to 12,5% depending on the regions), this is also beneficial for us. Your inheritors and Solidagro will receive a larger share.

Do you wish more information or would you like a meeting? Contact Tim via tim.deroeck@solidagro.be or call 03 777 20 15.

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