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Juanita from Bolivia

Meet Juanita

Juanita is a farmer from Bolivia. She explains how she deals with climate change in the Bolivian highlands. We use her story to illustrate how Solidagro and its partners operate.

Picture: Niels Coppes, January 2018

Juanita Terrazas is 23 years old and lives with her parents and her 5-year-old son in the mountains in the Cochabamba region. Regarding the many changes in recent years, she says: "The irregular rainfall causes great unpredictability, which has made farming the land very difficult in recent years."


Water in Bolivia

"The rainy season gets shorter and becomes more intense every year," Juanita says. "So we have to find solutions to have enough water to irrigate our fields all year round."

Solidagro's projects with local partner INCCA include installing sprinklers on the fields and vegetable gardens, and training farmers to connect them to natural water sources in the area.

Picture: Coen Wubbels, 2015

"Thanks to the new irrigation systems in our vegetable gardens, they receive more water. In combination with natural compost, we can produce more potatoes and vegetables. Moreover, we don't have to spend all our time tending to the sprinklers, so we have time to spare and we are able to attend interesting INCCA meetings."

Picture: Sanne Derks, January 2018


Kitchens in Bolivia

In the Bolivian mountain villages, most people use traditional methods to cook food, using wood as their only fuel. Our local partner INCCA, however, installs new and efficient kitchens. This way, their wood consumption decreases dramatically and there is far less smoke in their kitchens because of the newly installed chimneys. This benefits both public health and the climate due to the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Picture: Sanne Derks, January 2018

On Juanita's farmland there is only one water tap for her entire family. Luckily, water pipes were installed in her region some five years ago. Moreover, she now has an oven, built by INCCA, to help her cook.


Support Juanita

  • With € 40.00 you help install a sprinkler system for a family like Juanita’s.

  • With € 75.00 you help improve one family’s kitchen.

  • With € 125.00 you help create a new ecological vegetable garden with a sprinkler system.

  • With € 400.00 you help install an entire irrigation system, complete with pipes, water basins and taps, all of which can be used by several families!

Picture: Sanne Derks, January 2018


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In January 2018, Sanne Derks and Niels Coppes visited our partners in Bolivia. On their trip, they both took a number of beautiful pictures and Sanne also wrote a few articles. You can find a brief overview of the articles below:

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Picture: Niels Coppes, January 2018

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